Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Critical Success

OK, I think I m going to add Critical Hits for combat. All of the Combat Skills have fumbles, so it seems to add a sort of symmetry to add some sort of Critical Hit as well.
I am not talking about double damage or anything, but maybe some sort of wounding system, maybe effects movement, DR, Rec, etc.
What do you think?
Dave M
Author of Legends of Lanasia (Still in Beta)
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Anonymous said...

Hello. My name is Eugene W. I a game lover that has at one point gotten me into trouble with my wife with the amount of time I put into it. I love games as well and am currently in college..non traditional student. Curious enough we are the same Anyway I am up late was looking online for map/ game egines to kinda get started on making maps and eventually games when I came across your page in MSN search. Its late but on the brief question you posed on dmg system, from experience on board and computer games I believe you should include a heavy dmg accumulator of a type. I havent even looked into your game yet ...but there should be some extreme case where everythings has a possibility of hitting a "lethal" strike...maybe with some luck or physical adds to bonuses. I thought I would drop a note before going to , Im tired but I'll write again.

Anonymous said...

lol... sorry bout all the mispells, talk later.