Sunday, June 29, 2008

Setting starters

Here is where I am starting from:
You play a character that wants to make a difference. For whatever reason, your character has super-human powers (Probably has to do with cosmic rays). And they have decided to step up and make a difference.
There has always been heroes like you. People know about it and accept it as true.
This is a alternate earth, much like our own. But some people have super powers. Most people still live their lives the way they do here, today. Even though someone might swoop in to save them, people still look both ways before crossing the street. Because, your chance of being personally rescued by a super-powered human is the same as the chance you would have a conversation with an American Idol.
But for every shining star, there is a shadow cast that cannot be denied. Super Villains keep the world in balance and all of them pursue their own twisted agenda.
So, your character battle evil to save the world, marshaling their powers and allies to overcome the efforts of super-powered villains.

Design goals:
- Encourages Stepping up to make a difference
- Encourages public persona (no alter-egos)
- Encourages public knowledge of super-powered humans
- Encourage life as usual in a modern earth-like world
- No conspiracy of shadows
- No government super soldier programs
- No aliens
- No hereditary powers

So, what do you think?
Dave M

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