Friday, January 03, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday #7

My friend John got me the TSR edition of the Conan RPG for my birthday the year it came out. To be honest, I was not that psyched. I enjoy the Conan genre of fantasy, but felt that D&D could fulfill the needs of the genre well enough.
Fortunately for me, it was a light read and John did not let up on the enthusiasm. This game opened my eyes to the possibilities of game design. Everything I Had come to assume was a necessarry staple of RPGs was not present and the game play was great. Classes, random stats, calculated stats, even various tables and systems proved unnecessarry. Even spell slots were not required, the magic in this system did not need them and was effective. This is a game where the only stats are skils (even hps) and there is a universal resolution chart. And it blew my mind. I've never had a bad time playing this system and it remains the high watermark for game critique/evaluation.
FYI, there is a re-released versionhere:

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