Thursday, May 08, 2014

Thooughtful Thursday #22

When I discovered, it renewed my interest in writing. At that time, I had not designed any new games since 11th grade and I had not written anything since 10th grade. By the time I had finished about 1/3rd of my fantasy novel, my good friend Leroy convinced me that if I designed a new RPG, he and his friends in the RPG publishing industry could help me get it published. I took the setting I had developed for the fantasy novel and re-tooled it into a fantasy RPG. The basic inspiration was to take the mechanics from CP2020 and re-tool it for 2d6 and a fantasy setting. There were some good ideas in it, but it was not enough to get it published by Leroy’s friends. It was then that I was plunged into the bittersweet world of independent publishing. Being able to design whatever game I want is amazing. However, I had never planned on having to market my designs or sell them on my own. Still, I wouldn’t change a thing.

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