Wednesday, November 23, 2005


What do you think about Psionics in a fantasy setting?
Part of me thinks it is ideal, but there is the whole D&D link to psionics. Still, if I could come up with a system of psionics that is not unbalancing, it might be appealing to players that actually want to play psionics in a fantasy setting...
Dave M
Author of the Lands of Lore RPG
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angelinco said...

I think Psionics is a good idea. I would like to be able to communicate with other players or read receptive minds using Psionics. I think it would add another layer of intrigue and add to the roleplaying experience.

Thomas said...

3.5 Dnd Psionic are fine in ballance, and the y fit just fine in fantasy. Look at Eberron.

Damien said...

Psionics works wonderfully in a fantasy setting. An in 3.5 they are finally balanced!