Saturday, November 26, 2005


There are four sources of superhuman performance. Affinity, Magic, Prayer and Talents.
Magic and Prayer derive their power supernatural sources.
Magic works by summoning or banishing thoughts, energy, objects and beings from the Ethereal World. Magic cannot be used to heal or repair things that already exist in the world of Bemna, but can bring new things into existance.
Prayer derives its power from faith, prayer and a link to the Astral World. Prayer cannot create anything new, but can damage or repair items and people that the Priest has access to.
Afinity is a character's ability to tap into the power that emanates from the center of Bemna. These Mystics can detect, effect and protect against elemental attacks as well as mental powers.
There are other Talents too that draw from a character's natural ability.
Every character has a Talent and that makes them special.
Dave M
Author of Lands of Lore RPG (still in beta)
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